The wearable device industry has seen an extraordinary growth in the last several years. DESIN International has followed that growth and developed the capability and the expertise to manufacture the highest quality wearable devices for your proprietary product.

We are much more than a contract manufacturer. We are a full-on design and production team that can turn your concepts into real wearable devices. Your innovative concepts combined with our expert ingenuity and production capabilities can create a wearable device matched to your product development strategies

We do everything from assessing the right raw materials to building the product and consulting you on legal ramifications and intellectual property issues. Together, we can create a product with perfect form and function ready to be packaged and sold

Wearable applications that can be developed by DESIN

  • Electrocardiography (ECG / EKG) printed sensors for heart rate monitoring.
  • Electroencephalography (EEG) printed sensors for monitoring brain activity
  • Surface Electromyography (sEMG) printed sensors for monitoring muscle activity
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), often called “e-STIM” or “TENS”
  • Printed sensors for monitoring respiratory rate
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Force Sensors
  • Capacitive Touch Sensors for proximity / touch sensing


Our team of expert design and manufacturing engineers will help you create the absolute best wearable device for your specific market. We will look at process efficiencies, material optimization and innovative designs to help you create a flawless wearable and save you both time and money in the process.

Our vertically integrated capabilities, services, and expertise include:

Enhanced capabilities

Because of our cross-functional capabilities, we can easily provide additional services like IoT connectivity, software programming, flexible circuits, textile sensors, and other high-end electronics to enhance your wearable device even further. Our development and manufacturing teams are always striving to improve product durability, patient comfort, ease of use, and reliability. 



Fast turnaround times

Our large manufacturing facility located North of Mexico City, with over 500 dedicated employees, allow us to manufacture a wide range of medical devices within very tight schedules.  Because we can ship by truck, rail or air, we can get finished wearable devices to your location much faster than overseas manufacturers. Now that CUSMA has been signed, it makes even more sense to source wearable devices from a reputable manufacturing enterprise located in Mexico.




Depth of knowledge and breadth of experience.

Our expert team of design and manufacturing engineers will recommend the most appropriate solutions to improve the manufacturing process, shorten production schedules, reduce costs and improve overall product quality. We always listen very carefully to our customers and offer helpful and flexible solutions.




Some of our cross-function capabilities include;


  • Stretchable sensors in gamins and textiles.
  • IOT connectivity.
  • Bluetooth/Wifi connectivity.
  • Materials flexibility and diversity for the custom solution.
  • Cross functional teams.
  • Flexible circuits – Additive / Etched.
  • Surface Mount components on Flexible and PCB’s.
  • 3D printing.
  • Plastic injection Mold design and construction.
  • Plastic injection production – in medical grade clean rooms.
  • Software programming for enhanced wearable device functionality.
  • Full service engineering team to solve complex engineering challenges.
  • Adaptability – we will adjust to your needs and requirements.
  • Test benches made internally.

Schedule a call, or online face videoconference meeting with one of our experts

A personal client service expert will be assigned to your project and will provide:

    • Immediate communications by Phone, Video conferencing (Mobile, Zoom, Skype), texting (WhatsApp, Slack) or any other communication method you would prefer.
    • Cloud based daily project management software
    • Daily or weekly advance reports, with pictures/videos.
    • Stream video tours of progress

Take a moment right now and contact: Juan Carlos Zapata

To schedule now a video conference or phone call. We can even arrange a virtual plant tour if you like.



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+1305 721 7648

Mex Mobile:
+521 444 203 6725

+521 444 203 6725

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