Choose DESIN INTERNATIONAL to help you manufacture your user interface.

We provide full-service custom manufacturing of user interface. Our fully integrated team can offer design consulting, engineering, custom made parts, custom tool fabrication and manufacturing capabilities.

If you are a manufacturer (OEM) of household appliances or food and beverage industrial appliance, we can help you lower costs, increase productivity, shorten manufacturing timelines, increase quality, and simplify the outsourcing process.

DESIN INTERNATIONAL is conveniently located in San Luis Potosi, about 275 miles north of Mexico and about 500 miles south of the US border.  Our proximity to the US allows for easy deliveries anywhere in North America.   We can ship either by air, by sea, by rail or by truck.

We are also located in the same central time zone as the rest of North America.  We can easily avoid difficult communications caused by 14 or 15 hour time differences with countries like China, India, Japan and others.

In addition, our aggressive pricing structure is in direct competition with any foreign or domestic manufacturer of industrial devices.

Our fully integrated service for appliance components includes:

Expert and varied engineering team

Ready to solve complex engineering challenges.  (not typical that a contract manufacturer – assembler would have)  


We will adapt to your needs, and implement necessary procedures to make your project a reality.

User interface

We have a particularly deep knowledge and expertise when it comes to user interfaces for modern appliances.  As devices become more and more “intelligent”, the user interface gains importance.  The user interface must effectively perform the task at hand and offer the user the simplest access to functionality.


Types of user interface


Plastic Mold

In-house and full-service plastic injection molding.  We offer mold design and construction and short to medium size production runs for the most complex plastic parts for your appliance manufacturing.  We even offer cleanroom facilities where necessary.


Surface mount components (SMC)

Using the strictest quality control, we can create the SMC that will make your appliance the most reliable.



In clean rooms of different grades where necessary.



In the appliance manufacturing industry, cost is everything. Designing a wire harness that takes the shortest route saves on material cost.  However, installation and assembly costs must also be taken into consideration.  Our design and manufacturing engineers have all the necessary experience to incorporate the best harness solution for your appliance.


Flexible circuits - Additive / Etched

Precision, quality control and attention to detail combine to make the most reliable Flexible circuit for your appliance 


Software programming

Major appliances are becoming more complex, more intelligent, and easier to use. Sound software programming for these devices is critical for the proper function of the device.  At DESIN INTERNATIONAL, our team of top programming experts will ensure your device is glitch-free.


Metal components

Some in-house, some with vendors


Test benches

Made in-house



In clean rooms of different grades where necessary.

Certification ISO 9001:2015

We can design and manufacture the most effective user interface for your appliance using:

Medical Devices

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Medical Sensors

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User Interfaces

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Industrial Devices

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Internet of Things (IOT)

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    • Daily or weekly advance reports, with pictures/videos.
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