DESIN International is a leading contract manufacturer of robotics technology.  We are based in Mexico, a few hundred miles south of the US border. Our track record of high-quality, low costs and on-time delivery makes us the best choice for developing your next robotics project. Our deep-rooted knowledge of automation combined with our in-house state of the art systems and equipment enhances our experience in developing solutions for complex customer needs.


We provide engineering, prototyping, design, assembly, and manufacturing for the robotics industry. Our expert and dedicated team will work with you from early product development through optimization to final production. Our dedicated service allows you and your team to focus on developing new, innovative robotic and automation equipment.


Our multi-function capabilities can offer a wide range of product development and contract manufacturing to meet your requirements. Our team will significantly decrease the time it takes to move your product to market. We use a comprehensive product development and manufacturing model that gives you a competitive advantage. Our team of advanced engineers are trained to produce fully tested and compliant sub-modules, benchtop devices, and large integrated robotic systems.  All of this is done within our world class, ISO-registered facilities in Mexico.


DESIN International specializes in the development and production of complex robotic and automated equipment for a variety of applications including automated warehousing equipment, portable Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), high-density labware handling systems, and myoelectric medical prosthetic limbs.

VIDEO Caption: DESIN International designs, and manufactures prosthetic myoelectric limbs and donates the limbs to children and adults in need throughout Mexico.

DESIN also has the capability to design and manufacture custom test equipment as part of a detailed quality-assurance process. This includes in-depth, quality acceptance forms that represent our commitment to creating reliable work instruction documentation. We follow a company-wide strict manufacturing strategy emphasizing efficiency in every stage of the manufacturing process to help reduce costs along the complete manufacturing process. Our entire workforce is dedicated to providing you with trusted, turnkey robotic equipment manufacturing services with rapid turnaround, top quality, and consistent results for your robotics project needs.

Our fully integrated manufacturing services, conveniently located in Mexico, offers a deep knowledge, a wide range of services, low costs, convenient central time zone and easy shipping protocols.

 Some of our vertically integrated services include:


  • Electronic and mechatronics knowledge and experience
  • Myoelectric experience
  • 3D printing
  • IOT connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Metals / Aluminums / lightweight structure materials
  • Surface Mount components on PCB’s
  • Pressure sensors in sheet and mechanical format
  • Plastic injection mold design and construction
  • Medical grade plastic injection in clean rooms
  • Software programming for intelligence of device
  • Engineering team to solve complex engineering challenges
  • CNC multi-axis horizontal and vertical machining
  • High speed machining
  • Interactive CAD/SMM Systems
  • Traceability/Certification
  • CNC Milling and Turning
  • Prototyping

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    • Immediate communications by Phone, Video conferencing (Mobile, Zoom, Skype), texting (WhatsApp, Slack) or any other communication method you would prefer.
    • Cloud based daily project management software
    • Daily or weekly advance reports, with pictures/videos.
    • Stream video tours of progress

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+1305 721 7648

Mex Mobile:
+521 444 203 6725

+521 444 203 6725

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