Desin International is a leading manufacturer of flexible medical sensors. Our medical sensors are used by major medical device OEMs who count on our expertise and manufacturing capabilities for precision, reliability, and long-term stability.

We develop and manufacture custom-made hydrogel solutions for medical sensors and systems that meet all your requirements. We can modify and improve an existing sensor or help develop a new medical sensor.  Our cross-functional capabilities, combined with our extensive and expert engineering team, can even design a complete medical sensor system with multiple components.

Why Medical Device Manufacturers Choose DESIN

Economical Workforce & Processing

Reliability is critical for disposable medical sensors, however, there is more and more pressure on medical device OEMs to provide economical solutions. DESIN has the expertly trained manpower to deliver high-quality, low cost sensors for medical devices.

Fast turn-around and delivery

Because our factory is located in Mexico, (central time zone) near the US border, we can easily and quickly ship sensors to your North American location.

Cross-Function Capabilities

DESIN has a very wide range of services that can be combined to design, develop and manufacture the most advanced electronic sensor for your application.

Our conductive medical sensors can be used for cardiovascular and neurology monitoring.  They are also used in orthopedic care, as TENS electrodes, as ECG/EKG Electrodes, muscular assessment or any sensor with electronic components.

Sensors are a particularly important part of today’s medical technology. We are dedicated to making those medical sensors more responsive, safer, and easier to use. Ultimately our know-how and our expertise in the medical sensor field will make your product better, safer, less expensive, and quicker to market. 

Because we are located in the heart of Mexico and close to the US border, we can offer the most competitive pricing while maintaining certified quality and short delivery times.

Our services and deep knowledge of medical sensors includes:

Our services and deep knowledge of medical sensors includes:

Engineering team

Most contract manufacturers don’t have an extensive team of engineers at their disposal.  Because DESIN has an integrated and multi-discipline manufacturing capability, we can provide access to our team of engineers and scientists who understand the requirement of the medical field and can solve complex engineering challenges.

Coatings and Adhesives

Coatings and adhesives are an integral part of medical sensors.  Since sensors come in contact with human skin, coatings and adhesives must conform with the strictest practices.  We always use biocompatible compounds, which meet U.S.


Flexible Medical Sensors

Our flexible medical sensors are most often made using medical grade silver, carbon, copper or Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) according to your specifications and needs.


Internet of things (IoT)

We understand the importance of IoT and the growing impact of sensor connectivity. Data from our sensors can easily and securely be accessed remotely. 

Surface Mount Components (SMC)

Our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise combine to offer you reliable and fully tested surface mount component that meet or exceed your specifications.

Pressure sensors

Available in sheet and mechanical format


Core knowledge and expertise in the development of electronic components



Programs or app development for the most complex system needed to make your sensor function glitch-free.


Our approach to all our projects is adapted to your requirements.  Using our well established rigorous and proven procedures, we can still adapt or adjust to your needs and implement necessary procedures to make your project a reality within our strict protocols



ISO 13485; FDA



Clean rooms

Many of our clean rooms are medical grade and ensure a proper environment for manufacturing flexible medical sensors.


We can design and manufacture the most effective user interface for your appliance using:

Medical Devices

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Medical Sensors

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User Interfaces

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Industrial Devices

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Internet of Things (IOT)

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