Internet of things (IOT)

The growing market of Internet of Things (IoT), covers a multitude of solutions, across a wide range of industries. Most IoT devices are now being developed to connect with users and/or interactively between IoT devices. DESIN is specially well suited for these types of project. They need a high degree of vertical integration and a contract manufacturer like DESIN that has wide engineering capabilities.

Our team of engineers can help you in the early stages of development through the manufacturing process and even to the software development stage.  Contact us today to see how we can help you create a connected device that is perfect for your current or future projects.

Internet of Things, can be applied in almost every aspect of our modern daily life from the simplest lightbulb to the most complex manufacturing system and beyond.


Retailers can use IoT devices for inventory tracking, beacons, theft prevention, and for smart shelves. IoT devices can blend data, analytics and marketing functions across many different locations to help deliver a unified consumer experience tailored to specific needs. Using IoT devices, retailers can capture data from in-store displays and apply real-time analysis  to better understand consumer behavior.




IoT devices can connect all phases of the development and manufacturing process – from concept to delivery – for a thorough understanding of the production process. IoT sensors placed in factory equipment or warehouse racks, along with data analysis and predictive modeling, can prevent defects and downtime, maximize equipment performance, cut warranty costs, boost production yield and enhance the customer experience.  

Health Care

IoT technology captures data streaming in real time from the medical devices – such as wearables and connected medical devices that monitor exercise, sleep and other health habits. This IoT data enables precise diagnoses and treatment plans, improves patient safety and outcomes, and streamlines care delivery.

Transportation and Logistics

IoT devices combined with geofencing can deliver greater efficiency and reliability for transportation and logistics companies. This technology can improve service quality, reduce downtime and boost customer satisfaction. It can also enhance safety and reduce costs by managing, tracking and monitoring connected vehicles, freight and other mobile assets in real time.


IoT applications are used to address many real-world issues – traffic congestion, city services, economic development, citizen engagement, and public safety and security. Smart cities often embed IoT sensors into the physical infrastructure, such as streetlights, water meters and traffic signals.


The Internet of Things helps providers deliver reliable, fair-priced services and products. IoT connected devices and machines predict problems before they occur. Distributed grid resources like solar and wind are integrated through IoT. And behavior data – such as that collected from smart homes – improves convenience and security, and informs development of customized services.

Vertical Integration for IOT:


Flexibility – we will focus on your needs and implement what is necessary to make your project a reality


Engineering team to solve complex engineering challenges


Metal components


3D printing




Assembly in clean rooms of different grades


Plastic injection in medical grade clean rooms


Plastic Mold design and construction


Software development for wireless connectivity device intelligence


Flexible circuits – Additive / Etched


Surface Mount components on Flexible and PCB’s

We can design and manufacture the most effective user interface for your appliance using:

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Internet of Things (IOT)

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