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Do you have specialized manufacturing requirements that demand an experienced partner like DESIN International? We will work closely with OEMs and design firms to deliver industrial and commercial products for existing or new project. Our expertise in electronics, electromechanical assemblies, PCBAs, and complete industrial devices will help bring your project to life.

7 reasons for choosing DESIN


Full service from concept to manufacturing


Located in Mexico with competitive pricing


Located in the North American Central Time Zone


North American work values


Fast delivery (even by truck)


Large Engineering team to solve complex challenges


Certifications: ISO 2005

DESIN INTERNATIONAL is conveniently located in San Luis Potosi, just south of the US border. Our proximity to the US border, in the central time zone, allows for easy deliveries anywhere in North America. We can ship either by air, by sea, by rail or by land.

Our aggressive pricing structure competes favorably with many overseas manufacturers of industrial devices.

DESIN has expertise in many industries as a contract manufacturer and product design company. Our manufacturing services can be applicable to most any industry. Our manufacturing capabilities include CNC machining, Injection Molding, complex assembly, user interfaces, software programming and testing, among others.

We will develop strong relationships with you to ensure that every aspect of your industrial device’s development is optimized to meet your requirements. Our wide range of expertise enables us to deliver sustainable solutions no matter your needs or the complexity of your industrial and commercial device

The DESIN manufacturing and design team has the flexibility to serve as a reliable contract manufacturing partner at any stage of your product’s lifecycle.

Our vertically integrated capabilities, services, and expertise include:

User interface

Industrial devices are becoming more and more intelligent. They need sophisticated input devices that make them easier to use. Our extensive knowledge of user interface technologies allows us to provide the absolute best solution for any device that requires a user interaction.  We have developed unique membrane switches, capacitive touch devices, advanced touchscreens, and overlays with mechanical rubber keypads for hundreds of industrial devices.

SMC - Surface mount components

Our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise combine to offer you reliable and fully tested components that meet or exceed your specifications.

In-house plastic injection molding service

Our complete vertical integration, from mold making to plastic injection in clean rooms, will deliver parts promptly and help you keep ahead of the competition.



Our assembly team is ready for any project.  Having worked on literally hundreds of projects, we know the ins and outs of the assembly process. We can get your industrial device off the floor faster than any other manufacturer. Assembly can even be done in in clean rooms if necessary.



Flexible circuits - Additive / Etched

CAD design

Software programming of device

3D printing

3D scanning

Test benches made in-house

Certification: ISO 2005

We can design and manufacture the most effective user interface for your appliance using:

Medical Devices

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Medical Sensors

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User Interfaces

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Industrial Devices

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Internet of Things (IOT)

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Schedule a call or face video conference with one of our experts.

A personal client service expert will be assigned to your project and will provide:


Immediate communications by Phone, Video conferencing (Mobile, Zoom, Skype), texting (WhatsApp, Slack) or any other communication method you would prefer


Cloud based daily project management software


Daily or weekly advance reports, with pictures/videos


Stream video tours of progress

Take a moment right now and contact: Juan Carlos Zapata

To schedule now a video conference or phone call. We can even arrange a virtual plant tour if you like.


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