Supply chain management is an issue that continuously plagues businesses and the concept of lean manufacturing has been around for decades. The fragility of supply chains has been in the spotlight recently as many have suffered, and even broken down, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Streamlining your supply chain is becoming even more critical as products evolve and become more technical over time. It is vital that companies completely understand their supply chain and ensure it is healthy in order to maintain a competitive edge!

Tips to Reduce Your Manufacturing Supply Chain

There are many benefits to reducing your manufacturing supply chain. In short, an efficient supply chain results in money and time savings and an improved bottom line! Evaluating the health of a supply chain is often a daunting task, leaving many companies wondering where to start! Below are tips to consider when reducing your manufacturing supply chain.

  • Look at the Big Picture: in order to assess supply chain health, companies need to evaluate each of raw material and end-product – and every step in between. Companies must evaluate their supply chain holistically and not just piecemeal, otherwise, what benefits one segment of the supply chain may very well have unintended consequences that are detrimental to another segment of the manufacturing line. Companies can start by mapping out each manufacturing line starting with raw materials all the way to the end-consumer.
  • Monitor Performance: it is important that companies track and measure the performance of their supply chain to identify the weak links and areas for improvement. Without this data, you will be unable to determine the health of your existing supply chain. Additionally, after you have made improvements to your supply chain, it is key to continue assessing performance to quantify the time and money saved by the efficiency steps. This data will guide supply chain improvements you consider in the future.
  • Select the Right Manufacturing Partner: Companies should take the time to research and get to know each of their manufacturing suppliers. It is imperative to partner with a manufacturer, such as Desin, who has in-house design and manufacturing expertise; this means the design and manufacturing teams are integrated to allow manufacturability issues to be identified and addressed during the design process, resulting in optimal production and the best final product possible – saving companies significant product development time and cost!
  • Reduce the Number of Providers: Companies typically have multiple vendors involved in their supply chain – too many vendors results in inefficiencies! Generally speaking, it is advantageous to minimize the number of providers along the supply chain. When partnering with a single-source provider, such as Desin, businesses receive a complete manufacturing solution. Reducing the number of providers adds value by improving communications and accelerating speed-to-market as well as cutting manufacturing and post-operations costs. A single-source partner, like Desin, guides customers through the design, engineering, production, and secondary operations smoothly and quickly – resulting in a more seamless supply chain.
  • Incorporate Secondary Operations: many companies with efficient supply chains have combined manufacturing with secondary, post-operations steps like testing and packaging. Outsourcing secondary operations saves time and money as the products do not have to be transported or stored in between production and post-production steps, and companies often secure better contract rates when more services are provided by a single manufacturer.

Desin’s Manufacturing Supply Chain Capabilities

Desin International is a vertically integrated contract manufacturer of Medical devices, User Interfaces, Medical Sensors, Industrial devices, Wearables, Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, and Green Energy solutions. We are a well-established and long-standing company. We strive for constant growth through the consolidation of our original market, the expansion of our product offering and diversification of our industries. Our excellence in technological development combined with a superior team of employees allow us to deliver outstanding technological devices, components, and processes to our clients.

Desin offers many services, such as those below, that streamline the supply chain of our customers.

  • Design and Component Engineering: our team collaborates with customers on product design to ensure it meets end-user requirements. We evaluate component requirements and develop in-house solutions to manage costs and improve quality.
  • HMI and Sub-Assembly: we offer assembly services such as the manufacturing of printed sensor, coatings, faceplate, electric board, adhesives and molded part sub-assemblies. We also provide advanced processes for component assembly (e.g., barcodes) that allow for seamless traceability along the supply chain.
  • Testing: our facilities offer unmatched testing capabilities for product quality, mechanical integrity and electric performance.
  • Packaging: our secondary operations include model scanning, labeling for traceability, storage and protection.

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